Ok, Ok, No More Points!

2 09 2014

You guys are pains in the ass! Since nobody can agree on a points system, it will be eliminated for NEXT YEAR. We cannot change trophy qualifications part way through the year. What I did change was the elimination of the 1 point for losing (as mentioned in last week’s blog). The point totals have been updated and adjusted as of this week’s stats.

As president of this esteemed poker club I do have a veto on final decisions. I have followed Congress’ (that’s you lot) recommendations re. eliminating the points, but I do believe we should still have a possibility of two people winning the trophy and so, I have a new proposal. In lieu of points, I say we also award the player with the best winning % at the end of the year. C’mon you bastards, how can you argue with that? The guy with the best winning % deserves recognition dammit! I would like your agreement on this but I am prepared to use my veto vote. Be warned. So besides the fact that you are all gay, I hope we can come to a mutual consensus and not have to resort to pointless name-calling, like calling each other gay for example.

Ummmm, the game is at Mr. Chan’s House of Sugary Donuts, which reminds me, his picture has been posted on the Players Page.

SpiC’s Stats: POKER 2014

New feature – Pixies of the 60’s. 1st up: Ursula Andress, one of the most beautiful women not only of the 60’s but of all time. Born in Switzerland, she was the original Bond Girl in “Dr. No”. Here she is in her prime, and now at 78 years old.


Eel Out





4 responses

3 09 2014

Vote Bush.

4 09 2014
Just GarCIA

Frak you and your veto Supreme Eel

How the frak can you change anything mid season
How the frak can you have two winners

Your frakin corrupt, you should be hauled out of office

I call bullshit
Let me translate for the Spanish speaking
Me llamo toro-mierda

Just GarCIA

5 09 2014

You’re right Senhor G. What was I thinking? We are a democracy and so will vote on this issue on Friday. And then I will veto the results!!!!!!!!!! Mwahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!

10 09 2014
King of Donkeys

Okay dad where do I begin? For starters a Jack rag is classified as a J6 or worse. I was holding what they call a suited connector, J10 of clubs. There was about $21 in the pot when it got to me. Those odds aren’t the best but seeing that devilish look in Eric’s face, I had a feeling he was going to call as well. I remember rambling on in the past about what poker players call equity. It’s knowing that if I hit the right flop and have the right odds, I’m gonna take your whole stack. Plus let’s not forget about position, which I had on you in the hand. When the flop comes top pair and a flush draw, how can I fold? That’s one of the best outcomes I could’ve hoped for. The rest is history. I remember reading past blogs and you saying I was justified in this or that but the fact is you donked. I wouldn’t consider that much of a donk, I had 14 outs on that flop. I play mostly a math based game with some gut moves every now and then.

Don’t hate the player, hate the game!

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