Happy Hetero Pride Week!

10 08 2014

Yes, I hereby declare this week to be Happy Hetero Week. Parade to be announced. Heck why shouldn’t we have a week dedicated to a celebration of our sexual orientation too? I know, I know, the LGBTG community will tell me that we aren’t persecuted like they were (or are), and I suppose they’d be correct in saying so. But, I think we should be able to publicly express our love of the pussy and all surrounding areas. This is coming from a male perspective of course, the girls can celebrate what they enjoy, you know, men doing housework, etc., etc.

By the way, here is Ken’s rebuttal to Chris’ blog last week:

“Chris, well done, slightly embellished.  Today is your lucky day.  I will spare you my poisonous pen.  FYI, it is a known fact acknowledged by North American Insurance companies that white males 18-34 are the worst drivers! Meanwhile, my boy wants to have a word with you! ”  Not So Angry Asian  THINKING OF U!

Nice to see the kid standing up for his old man. I, however am slightly disappointed. When Ken said he was gonna write a rebuttal, I thought “Awesome! We get to see some of Ken’s classic acid wit”. Sigh, I guess he really has mellowed out…, ‘not so angry’ indeed, I guess Karson’s the angry one now.

Here’s a breakdown of where we’ve played so far this year: Ken 6x, Bob & Murray 5x, Chris & Keith 4x, Me 3x, Dave 2x, and Paul & Alex 1x. So, the schedule should be as follows: Me this Friday, then Keith, then Chris, then me again, just to bring us all to 5x. We can then do the regular rotation with Ken bringing up the rear. I also need to know now if Paul and Alex want to be included in the rotation as well.

The stats: POKER 2014

Can you guys believe Dave is in 2nd place???!!! Dave!!! Dave Reid!!! Yeah, that Dave!!!! WTF??!!!

Ladies of the 80’s part 3: The angelic Phoebe Cates, then… phoebe-cates-topless-birthday-071610

and now at the age of 51, still very young-looking:


That’s all folks. Eel out.





9 responses

12 08 2014

Not even a thumbs up from anyone for the boobs????

Or the hetero pride parade?

Are you ALL [rhymes with hey]???

13 08 2014
Robert the Bruce

Those are too small you must like plywood.Good one Ken but I dare you to drive on No 3 Road any given day and you will change your mind.

13 08 2014

Nice tits! Not playing this week. Good luck boys!

13 08 2014

Thank you Eric! I know…, right? Trying to get comments out of these guys is like trying to pull teeth, fer chrissakes. And yeah Bob, like you’d turn down Phoebe Cates.

13 08 2014
Callum Dickie

First of all, I wish I fit into the 18-34 demographic.

Secondly, this is not the first time I have heard this argument. But as I (and the doctor that eventually took her DL away from her) told my grandmother, may she rest in peace, “it’s not the amount of accidents that you have been involved in, but how many accidents you have caused that concerns me. This is why the decision to remove your DL was made”. Unfortunately for me and lucky for you, no stats are made available of this by ICBC.

In sports when goals are scored, the first person to be blamed is the goalie (ie the person(s) involved in the accident) but as a coach, we know that 99% of the time it was the mistake in front of the goalie that caused the goal (ie the car that suddenly stopped at the green light caused a car to swerve into another car).

Carlos, I’m sorry you fell for the oldest Asian driving trick of them all. The old flick the left signal on and turn right. Maybe next time when a classic Ken rebuttal is promised, he’ll actually turn left.

Lastly, here is a published article that I think you will all enjoy.


God Bless and see you Friday


14 08 2014

Ha ha ha, awesome!

14 08 2014
Robert the Bruce

Carlos you need to get your mind out of the eighties and come back to reality of the present .

14 08 2014

What can I say, the 80’s were good to me. (Female-wise anyway).

15 08 2014

Not gonna make it tonight – may you all break even exactly.

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