Chris’ First Blog

5 08 2014

Take it away Chris:

After wrapping up a quick meeting downtown I met up with a guy from work for lunch in Yale town. We get lunch to go and grab a seat along the sea wall. Beautiful woman running, seniors walking, parents and children riding bikes along the sea wall. Truly a great place for lunch.

From a distance I hear two Asians taking the piss out of each other so I turn around and I see one guy looking the part of biker/athlete an the another gentleman not so much. In fact, my first thought was, wow, imagine being that old and just learning to ride a bike. Good for him. He had it all going on.. Ball cap, helmet 2 sizes too big, sun glasses, gloves, and covered head to toe in reflectors. He looked very…special.

As they came closer the bench beside us started the chant of “mandlebaum! mandlebaum!” The caretaker looked up and yelled out “it’s Chris!” Sure enough this was our good friends Murray and Ken. Murray, with the poise and balance of an ex rower hits the brakes, jumps off the bike and starts walking over. Meanwhile our special friend Ken, slams on the front brakes, goes over the handle bars like superman and manages to land on his left elbow, right knee and ribs with one shot. For such a small man, he managed to make quite the thud.

Credit to our special friend, he pops up and begins scrapping his pride, blood and skin off of the sidewalk. Before Murray and I could stop laughing a faint voice came from the distance “are you okay sir!? As the great grandpa shuffled along the path, he continued to comfort Ken with his kind words “I want you to stop and sit down for a moment. This has happened to me before. Us old guys need to take it easy you know!” Senior Kenny was able to use his best “I’m not really going for a flush poker face” and brushed the old man off and within seconds, was looking for the corner store to buy some magic spray for his wounds. Aka, a bathroom he could go cry in.

Moments later, he returns. Eyes a little red, pride and ego slightly damaged, and blood still pouring from the open wounds. He hopped on his bike and rode off into the sunset. Hopefully he stopped off at the bike store down the road to pick up some training wheels and made it home alright.

And I thought Asians on 4 wheels was scary…


Stats: POKER 2014

Game at the House of Carlos (for sure this time). Limit of 10 players.

Ladies of the 80’s:  Madonna at the tender age of 21


Madonna now:


Til next week, Eel out.




7 responses

5 08 2014
The King of Donkeys

Chris that was hilarious!

6 08 2014

I did a translation for the Spanish community and even in spanish it was frackin hilarious

6 08 2014

Holy shit! I just looked at the calender and realized my 10 year wedding anniversary is on Friday! I almost missed it and if I had the wife would have made sure the marriage would have lasted only 10 years. So the game will be at Alex’s, without myself of course. Phone Alex for address.

7 08 2014
The King of Donkeys

4235 sardis street Burnaby

7 08 2014
The King of Donkeys

Back door left side.

7 08 2014

Comedy is born of tragedy.

Or grown man fall down go boom.

9 08 2014

Keith where on Fraser is that good Vietnamese place?

Also, I want to take a US Marine who served in Da Nang but he some times has flashbacks / are they insured for any resulting damage???

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