28 07 2014


Damn, Mauro almost lost it again on Friday, but to his credit, and a little tension release from a few well-placed BAM’s, he kept his temper in check. He started winning after that, including a friggin’ full-house on the turn against my flopped flush. Me, I prefer to take a 10-15 minute break from the game to collect my thoughts, and that usually works. For eg. I’m down $110, I take a break and proceed to win back $90 by the end of the night. Eric suggested that had we played longer, I would have come all the way back and then some. But for Mauro, the BAM! works, good for him because we all need something to revitalize ourselves.

Now, let’s talk about apathy. What the fuck, guys? Get involved in this blog too. I’m doing this so we can all have a forum to discuss ideas and have some fun insulting each other. So get the fuck involved. Ken….., Keith….., Chris….., Murray. I’m talking to you guys specifically, and to everybody else in general. The only one who has an excuse is Dave because he has no computer and is a Tech Retard. You guys are gonna make me lose interest in this again. And if I don’t post anything worthy of discussion, well, you fucking write something then. Bunch-a-cunts.

So, how do you buncha c-words blow off steam after a few bad losses? Or if that’s too boring for y’all, tell me what you think about old guys going BAM! in the Italian Parliament?

Other news: Several of us believe that the culprit for last week’s $20 shortage was Chris. Why? Ken was the last one to get a sugar packet representing $20 and he gave his chips to Chris because he was the last one to re-buy. Coupled with the fact that Murray was out of the room, the money was not collected and recorded. If we can have an agreement that this is what happened especially from Chris himself, that would be BAM! worthy.

So here are the cunting stats, and you can all go fuck yourselves: POKER 2014

My new segment: Girls of the 80’s. First up, who can forget the delicious Samantha Fox.Β  Then……samanthafoxnudecelebs111515

And now…… East+London+Film+Festival+City+Rats+Arrivals+OsT1mbMz6AMl

Eel out!




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28 07 2014

Good post, Carlos – you please go fuck yourself, too.

As for Samantha Fox, I think she just served me breakfast at a diner in Winnipeg.

Think of the picture Carlos sent, now flash forward to today: her jugs are dragging on the floor now, man – SICK!!!

She has to wear a custom back brace to counterbalance the 300 lbs up front- GROSS!!

After work she goes to the local child care centre at the refugee office and feeds half of Africa – EVERY SINGLE DAY!!

When she has a bad beat at poker she does what you do – ADDS MORE LUBE!!!


28 07 2014
The master

BAM!!! The Law has done to everybody. No vaseline, Astroglide or any sort of lubricant!!! This is becoming ridiculous: Even Mur, the Egyptian Sphinx has avoided the Jinkx. As to Ms. Samantha Fox, I am ashamed to say, I would be glad to steal food from refugees!!!

28 07 2014

By the way, I forgot to mention that the game is at my place but I only have room for 10 max. Anyone wanna take a break? As for Ms. Fox, she still looks deelish at 50 and still does concerts singing her old hits from the 80’s to audiences of old horny bastards like us. See new pic in the main post.

28 07 2014

A must-see for all us old bastards.

29 07 2014
Robert the Bruce

I am heading to Vegas so I will be absent cause I don’t like to gamble.

1 08 2014
Callum Dickie

After wrapping up a quick meeting downtown I met up with a guy from work for lunch in Yale town. We get lunch to go and grab a seat along the sea wall. Beautiful woman running, seniors walking, parents and children riding bikes along the sea wall. Truly a great place for lunch.

From a distance I hear two Asians taking the piss out of each other so I turn around and I see one guy looking the part of biker/athlete an the another gentleman not so much. In fact, my first thought was, wow, imagine being that old and just learning to ride a bike. Good for him. He had it all going on.. Ball cap, helmet 2 sizes too big, sun glasses, gloves, and covered head to toe in reflectors. He looked very…special.

As they came closer the bench beside us started the chant of “mandlebaum! mandlebaum!” The caretaker looked up and yelled out “it’s Chris!” Sure enough this was our good friends Murray and Ken. Murray, with the poise and balance of an ex rower hits the brakes, jumps off the bike and starts walking over. Meanwhile our special friend Ken, slams on the front brakes, goes over the handle bars like superman and manages to land on his left elbow, right knee and ribs with one shot. For such a small man, he managed to make quite the thud.

Credit to our special friend, he pops up and begins scrapping his pride, blood and skin off of the sidewalk. Before Murray and I could stop laughing a faint voice came from the distance “are you okay sir!? As the great grandpa shuffled along the path, he continued to comfort Ken with his kind words “I want you to stop and sit down for a moment. This has happened to me before. Us old guys need to take it easy you know!” Senior Kenny was able to use his best “I’m not really going for a flush poker face” and brushed the old man off and within seconds, was looking for the corner store to buy some magic spray for his wounds. Aka, a bathroom he could go cry in.

Moments later, he returns. Eyes a little red, pride and ego slightly damaged, and blood still pouring from the open wounds. He hopped on his bike and rode off into the sunset. Hopefully he stopped off at the bike store down the road to pick up some training wheels and made it home alright.

And I thought Asians on 4 wheels was scary…


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