28 07 2014


Damn, Mauro almost lost it again on Friday, but to his credit, and a little tension release from a few well-placed BAM’s, he kept his temper in check. He started winning after that, including a friggin’ full-house on the turn against my flopped flush. Me, I prefer to take a 10-15 minute break from the game to collect my thoughts, and that usually works. For eg. I’m down $110, I take a break and proceed to win back $90 by the end of the night. Eric suggested that had we played longer, I would have come all the way back and then some. But for Mauro, the BAM! works, good for him because we all need something to revitalize ourselves.

Now, let’s talk about apathy. What the fuck, guys? Get involved in this blog too. I’m doing this so we can all have a forum to discuss ideas and have some fun insulting each other. So get the fuck involved. Ken….., Keith….., Chris….., Murray. I’m talking to you guys specifically, and to everybody else in general. The only one who has an excuse is Dave because he has no computer and is a Tech Retard. You guys are gonna make me lose interest in this again. And if I don’t post anything worthy of discussion, well, you fucking write something then. Bunch-a-cunts.

So, how do you buncha c-words blow off steam after a few bad losses? Or if that’s too boring for y’all, tell me what you think about old guys going BAM! in the Italian Parliament?

Other news: Several of us believe that the culprit for last week’s $20 shortage was Chris. Why? Ken was the last one to get a sugar packet representing $20 and he gave his chips to Chris because he was the last one to re-buy. Coupled with the fact that Murray was out of the room, the money was not collected and recorded. If we can have an agreement that this is what happened especially from Chris himself, that would be BAM! worthy.

So here are the cunting stats, and you can all go fuck yourselves: POKER 2014

My new segment: Girls of the 80’s. First up, who can forget the delicious Samantha Fox.  Then……samanthafoxnudecelebs111515

And now…… East+London+Film+Festival+City+Rats+Arrivals+OsT1mbMz6AMl

Eel out!


Bad Beats

23 07 2014

Post Your Worst Bad Beat: If there’s one thing poker players want to talk about, it’s bad beats. Walk around town one day wearing a Pokerstars t-shirt, and someone will come up to you and ask if you play online poker. More than likely, the very next words out of their mouths will be telling you about how their aces got cracked the night before. Poker players remember specific bad beats a long time after they happen, and just love to tell anyone who will listen all about how they got their money in as a 95% favourite. So here’s your chance boys. Mine would have to have been when I hit Kings over Aces and lost to Alex’s Royal Flush a few years back at Jack’s place. I remember that it was prominently featured in that week’s blog, lol. Tell us about yours. Was it at our games or somewhere else?

Der Schtats: POKER 2014


… and in honour of my current computer game addiction (Skyrim):


Game is at Murray’s this coming Friday because things are a tad frosty between the wife and I, and I want her to cook some nice edibles for us when we do play at my place which will be the following week. Here’s hoping she’ll warm up by then. See you all at The Weasel’s.

Eel out.