Another Crazy Night of Poker

29 06 2014

Wow, what a crazy game this Friday. For one thing I’ve never heard Murray talk so much. There’s nothing as scary as having a drunk Murray snap bet $12 or $15. Is he legitimate, or is he doing it because he’s wasted? He sure scared me off a couple of pots and others as well. And for those who say that new players coming in to the table don’t change anything, I say bullshit. Consider that I had a $130 stack in front of me, and Ken was down $60 before they arrived. By the end of the night, I had given Ken $60 from my stack. Murray, who sat to my right was now getting my good cards and he never trailed for the rest of the night. Poker can be a cruel mistress, just ask our own Mr. GarCIA, who continues to be the most snakebit player at our table. At least he can still console himself with last year’s (points) trophy. Which reminds me, Mr. Lum, 6 months have gone by and it’s time to hand the trophy over to the Italian guy. Bring it for the next game please. And speaking of the points title, that trophy’s gonna be mine this year. I just have to remind Paul that this is indeed the case and he’d better ‘back off buddy’. Damn rookies. All I can say is this: Look, you proved your point. We all agree that you’re not as shitty as last year’s stats showed you to be. But now that you’ve shown us that you can indeed hold a very comfortable money lead, you have our permission to start sucking again, ok Paul? On the other side of the coin you have Eric and Mauro. Don’t despair boys, you have a long way to go before you even come close to Ken’s depths of depression the year he lost almost $900. And look what he did last year, winning the money title, truly inspirational and a big win for the little guy. There ya go boys, chin up. And no, I won’t fuck off. I keep getting these telepathic messages as I’m writing this to that effect. Bizarre.

So there you go, 26 weeks have been played and this is where we sit on the stats sheet. I still can’t believe that Dave is still positive, but the big question is…, can he sustain it? I do feel sorry for Bob though, always in 2nd place. Year after year he always has good results but there is always somebody who’s ahead of him. I think we should start calling him Pepsi or Avis. But I’m sure he’s ok with it as long as he’s not losing. Alex continues to have the same kind of year he had last year. He rarely does anything other than come in 1st place or lose. Very few 2nd’s, 3rd’s or 4th’s for him. Actually come to think of it, that perfectly fits the kind of year I’ve been having too.

So, good luck to everyone for the 2nd half of the year and here’s to all the super-donks that we will be witnessing in the months to come. May they all be distributed evenly. Next week’s game will be at Keith’s humble abode. See you all there. Go PORTUG……., I mean, Go BRAZIL!

SirEel’s Stats: POKER 2014

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