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5 05 2014

Aaaaiiiight bitches, we have a new points leader…, yeah, me! It’s been awhile since I’ve lead anything, and with Lum and Mauro winning last year we see that anything is in fact possible. Funny game isn’t it? One month ago I couldn’t buy a fucking break. In 3 weeks I’d lost $300, and now, in the last 4 weeks I’ve won $450. Thank you Poker Gods for listening to my incessant whining.

And Ian, wtf? All work and no play makes Ian a goof! Put the pants back on dude.  Re last week’s post, do you guys even care? Or should we just play boring ol’ Hold’em ALL THE FRIKKIN’ TIME from now on. C’mon guys, give a shit and give me your opinions. What else….., oh yeah, game is at Kenny’s.

Stats: POKER 2014

Pic of the week: poker-babe-211686aEEL Out!





2 responses

5 05 2014

They can take away your donk games, but they can never take away OUR FREEDOM!!!

11 05 2014

Here here!

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