Blog resurrected? (Dealer’s Choice Games)

27 04 2014

Alright! I have found a kindred spirit in Eric, and whether he likes it or not, he shall henceforth be my new blog partner. No way to get out of this one, buddy. You’ve demonstrated a writing prowess that betrays your skill with wit and words. You’re in!

Onto the topic at hand: Donkey games.

My two cents worth: I enjoy dealer’s choice games, as long as they are poker-based and as long as they don’t involve wild cards. That’s how I feel, but as is natural, others have differing opinions. My feeling is that if we had laid out some ground rules early on, we wouldn’t be having the problems we are having now. It’s all our faults for being short-sighted. Dealer’s choice is after all dealer’s choice. If the dealer wants to play Monkey Ass-Wipe Congo Holdem with red Queens and black Kings wild, that’s his choice, but that’s where we needed to draw a line.  Some people say “fuck it, I’ll play anything” (Jack, Mauro, me, Bob, etc.), while others won’t play anything other than Texas Holdem (Kenny). The others fall somewhere in between.

Last week I violated my own rule when I dealt an Omaha hand (not having declared the week before that this was going to be a Dealer’s Choice game). In my own defense, I will declare that the only reason I did that was because I knew that Ken was coming and so I wanted to squeeze in a coupla donkey games before he arrived. But Paul was upset ( and quite rightly so), because he was forced to pay the big blind on a game that he hadn’t expected to play that night. This is why we need to set a set of rules that we will all follow, but first, we need a vote. Where do you stand?

A – Don’t care what we play, as long as we play.

B – Any Poker-based games with wild cards.

C – Any Poker-based games without wild cards

D – Only Holdem-based games (Pineapple, Omaha, Turn Two, etc) without wild cards.

E – Only Texas Holdem (aka, nothing kinky for these boys).

I vote C and/or D. Based on how the rest of you vote, we can come to a consensus that will make everyone happy (hopefully).

Oh, and one more thing…

eyecontact‘Nuff said. Eel out!

From Mauro: