Bonehead Moves

2 05 2011

For those of you who weren’t at the game this past Friday, an incident occurred that was rather unfortunate for one of our guys. We were playing Dave’s favourite version of Hold’em called Pineapple, where Jack and Liviu found themselves involved in an all-in situation. After the all-in was declared and called, the river card was revealled and Liviu had the better hand. But hold on a second, it seems that Liviu was still holding on to his 3rd card and had forgotten to discard it after the flop. Now, in the face of it, Liviu was holding 2 Kings and a ten, so it was pretty obvious which card he had forgotten to throw out. But Jack cried foul and raked the chips in. Mauro cried foul for the above stated reason. The rest of the guys were stunned and in confusion, including Liviu who was too shy to say anything because he’s still new to the group. I know what a stalwart for rules Jack is and I knew that this situation could have escalated to galaxian proportions, so I had to step in and make a decision.

Now, I hate having to make decisions like this because I risk hurting someone’s feelings, but in the end, the only recourse you have is to play by the rules. This is especially true when you\re playing for money. In the end, I had to rule against Liviu because even though his intentions were obvious, he was the one who had made… THE BONEHEAD MOVE (echo echo).

But Liviu is not alone in this category, as I, myself have pulled off 2 major bonehead moves in our poker games, the most recent one being the last hand played in 2010. As you may recall, Alex had put me all-in after the turn with 2 pair and I, thinking he was bluffing, called him with pocket 8’s. Alex turned his cards over and I, in a fit of rage threw my cards onto the table and they unintentionally flipped over and were automatically mucked. As you may remember, the river was an 8. That hand caused me so much grief that I almost quit this game altogether. Understand that I had been getting ass raped by Alex all year and this was the cherry on the cake. Oh there have been others too. I seem to remember something with Ken and a full house a couple of years ago, but the details are fuzzy. So don’t feel bad Liviu, chalk it down as a learning experience and move on, which I’m sure you have.

But it got me thinking, so here is a top ten list, in no particular order, of some of the biggest bonehead moves in history:

10)  Napoleon Bonaparte invades Russia (June 1812)

9) Custer’s refusal to use the Gattling Gun during his ‘Last Stand’ (June 1876)

8) Mexican Gen. Santa Anna spends precious days invading the Alamo thereby giving the Texan army time to regroup. Result: The Republic of Texas is born. (February 1836)

7) Winston Churchill gives orders to Invade Gallipoli (April 1915).

6) Adolf Hitler invades the Soviet Union (September 1941), I guess Hitler didn’t read up on his history as per #10 above.

5) America’s involvement in Vietnam (early 60’s)

4) The Soviets invade Afghanistan (December 1979)

3) Captain Joseph Hazelwood decides to have a few drinks before piloting the Valdez out of Alaskan waters.

2) Some crazy Japanese guy who decides to build nuclear reactors in an earthquake zone.

1) Mr. and Mrs. Hitler and Mr. and Mrs. Djugashvili (Stalin) decide to have kids.

So there ya go boys and girls, it kinda makes our mistakes seem rather small don’t it?

So as far as next Friday is concerned, some of the guys will be playing at the charity poker tournament, but I, having made a sizeable donation to the Japanese earthquake relief already, shall skip the tourney and hold a game at my mom’s instead. We will definitely not have a shortfall of players as lately everyone and their dog wants to play poker with us.

I guess that’s all for now, so for whoever I won’t be seeing next week, good luck at the tourney, as for the rest of you, bring lots of cash, heh heh heh heh heh heh.

SpiC out

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2 05 2011

Maybe it’s time to write up some rules now and print them out for our games.We seem to police the situation after the fact right or wrong.That one was an honest mistake and I think they should have chopped the pot because his hand was so obvious.

2 05 2011

That’s what I had wanted too after my year-end blunder, but Alex did take the full pot then as well, AND in retrospect that was the right thing to do. We CANNOT play this game with gray areas when it involves money. In the end, obvious or not, you have to penalize the player who fucked up. Black and white, that’s how it has to be. There’s no need to print up rules, as we all know what the rules are. The only remedy is to be more vigilant with your game and be mentally prepared to accept a negative outcome if you do make a mistake.

2 05 2011
Jack "the Master"

Let me say my 2 cents worth. First I hope Liviu doesnt take it personally because it isn’t. Everybody says it’s obvious what Liviu would have discarded, but, since he did not, and seeing that there was a TEN on the table and he is holding another one, had a third one come in instead of the King, could he not say that he would have thrown away one of the kings because he feels he would have a better chance at a straight, leaving him holding 3 TENS? As Carlos said, the only way is to apply poker rules, and in this case a player cannot hold 6 cards at the end. As far as I am concerned, if this happens to me, and it might, a deuce high with five cards is a better hand then 4 Aces with six cards. It is just the way it is, and anyone can hold me to it.

2 05 2011

Do we know the rules or are you assuming we all know the rules or do the new players know the rules in which we play.Half the players don’t even mark their cards which is considered a dead hand if you wanted to challenge it as per the rules of poker.Exposing cards to angle to see a players expression is illegal but I have seen it done in the past.All that I am saying it to print it out off a wsop website or something and bring it to the game in case of any questions or problems to settle it by having the rules there at are games on hand.

2 05 2011

Fair enuf, if u wanna do it Bob, I certainly have no objections.

3 05 2011

I can’t make it friday so pass it on to Ian.The wife has got me going to the states.

5 05 2011

One time during a showdown i threw my cards onto the table. At the same time the dealer put his hand out and one of my cards hit his hand and bounced onto the muck pile. My opponent instantly claimed the sizeable pot as his own. The dealer awarded the pot to me. Rules can be bent in certain situations but I do agree with Jack in this instance. Just got back from a great week in Varadero, feeling very rejuvenated and looking to claim some of my money back. See u all friday

5 05 2011

Good to have u back, SpaceDonk. Sorry guys, last minute change of venue. The game will be held at my place instead of me mum’s.

5 05 2011

i cannot do may 13 at my house. please do a surrey house that night. i will be out there somewhere coming in. 20 and 27 we are good at my house.

5 05 2011

Awwwwwrite K Lum, May 13 at Bobster’s house and then yurs fer the next twoo

6 05 2011

Hey Dad when are you going to update the champs page?

8 05 2011


12 05 2011

I’ve decided to add more stats like I had last year. When I’m done setting it all up I’ll send them out.

12 05 2011

Sorry for the change again boys, but the game for tommorrow will be at the Lum Palace in Beautiful East Van.

13 05 2011

good thing i am reading this. to be clear, i am not available until later. i thought the eel understood that today the 13th i am not available to host. in fact, you had mentioned above here that bob will be doing the game on the 13th.

19 05 2011

So the game really is at Mr. Skenny Dumb’s House of Hilarity this week. I will go there early to watch the game, you guys come when u want. C u there, and we’ll start the game after the Canucks go up 3-0. Btw, until further notice, call me at 604-440-1798 if u need to.

2 06 2011

This blog sucks! Wheres the update on last weeks game!?!?

11 07 2011

yeah…., well….., um…., you suck too….., so there!

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