A True Force of Nature

14 03 2011

I can safely say that since day 1 of our poker games I have never seen anyone have a night quite like this. We had a new player by the name of Liviu joining us on friday and I must say that he made quite a splash on his first day with us. Let me start off by saying that he looks like a good, skilled player, however, I have never seen anyone get as lucky in one night as he did. It seemed like he was hitting his cards in 50% of every hand that he played, AND it would be enough to win. Judging by the number of rivers that he hit, the Poker Gods were truly smiling down upon him. Hell, even he was embarrassed by what was happening. Still, I’m surprised that he didn’t win more money, maybe because he only had 5 players to leech from. I’ve known him for some time and he seems like a very likeable guy, so I hope that he does become a regular, as he says that he wants to. Anyway, we need a chance to win some of that money back. Because of his performance on Friday night, he is now ‘The Impaler’ (you know….. because he’s Romanian……., you know, Vlad….. the real Dracula…..Vlad The Impaler…., killed thousands of his own people by mounting their heads on spikes……, Liviu is Romanian and he impaled us on friday……, get it?) So there you go.
So, what else is new, Dave got new glasses, so maybe he’ll finally start winning money instead of donating it to Alex. Maybe Mauro should get some specs too, mwahahahahahahahaha. Ummm, Ron is back in the fold, thank god the rumours weren’t true. Bob’s bathroom looks great…, ummmmm, Ken’s still a donkey….., and finally, I’m still awesome.

Jack, where the hell are ya? I haven’t heard from you in ages. I guess one more month and you’ll be back here getting a beating from us donkeys again.

On a more somber note, my heart goes out to the people of Japan who suffered in the earthquake and tsunami. I had a Japanese student that stayed with us for a year and nobody’s heard from her yet, so I hope and pray that it’s just a communications problem. I saw a youtube video of the wave wiping away an entire village, destroying everything in it’s path. I thought to myself, what if it was me standing in that field as this 10 meter monster came unrellentingly towards me? You can’t outrun it, and all you have time to do is a few precious seconds to make peace with your creator and pray that your death will come quickly once the monster engulfs you. Scary shit man.

On a happier note, Ken’s party was great and the food was awesome, but where the hell was the music and dancing? C’mon Lum, next time (if there is a next time), don’t be so cheap and cough up some money for some tunes. Just use the money that you’ve been winning off me for the past few months.

Don’t forget that Keith’s party is on Friday night and the game will be at his place on Sunday at 3pm. Well kids, that’s it for now, so I’ll see you guys on Friday.

SpiC out.

Sireel’s Stats: POKER 2011




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15 03 2011
angry dad

mr eel, i have noticed that you use the term “cheap” very liberally towards others. how would you describe yourself then?
thanks to all for attending my boy’s dinner! acknowledgments will be coming in the mail shortly.
mauro, my apologies to you and your mother for not directly inviting her. thanks to you and the family for the generous gift as well! to clear the air, i will take blame for this oversight. however, it goes without saying that an invitee would bring a guest. you just gotta say so! of course your mother would have been more than welcome. in retrospect i would have had her at my table instead of you animals!
which brings me back to your services, speak up and get what you deserve! i will gladly do it for you!
tell your mom and josie i’ll take you guys out to a malaysian dinner this summer. it will be my pleasure!

15 03 2011

Good dinner senior Lum

15 03 2011
angry dad

mr eel, i said nothing in that regard. read clearly. there is no in between the lines. paranoid are we? has it occurred to you that you have been calling me cheap for many many years? perhaps calling me cheap on this day was not a good idea. anyway, thank you for your generous gift! and please don’t read into the word “generous” as sarcastic! i am using the term, “generous gift” for everybody. there were some “generous gifts” that did not have names. so i am stroking everybody with the same brush. like i said, acknowledgments will be coming in the mail shortly.
mauro, i’m gonna pay off my loan with your “generous gift”. i might have enough to take out the family still!

17 03 2011

What’s the deal with Tara? Was she ever your girlfriend? If not, how come I never asked her out when I was single? She’s still damn fine!

15 03 2011

That doesn’t sound very angry Ken!

18 03 2011

20 03 2011

Im the true force of nature!

23 03 2011

Game on Friday will be at Dave’s grow op in NV. Be there on time please.

31 03 2011

I was watching a WPT high roller event video on the net & their we’re some pretty sick hands.

Start the video from minute 14 & watch until the end, only 7 minutes.


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