Vengeance is Mine!

31 01 2011

Well, the last blog may have been controversial, but I guess it wasn’t the final one. I was prompted to continue blogging (and playing) by a couple of things. One was the support that I got from (thanks guys), and the other was from the WordPress stats that I received. The WordPress summary is in the previous post. This week alone, from Jan. 22 to Jan. 28, I’ve been averaging 60 hits per day, so there are obviously a lot of people checking in, besides our regular bunch (of morons). It was definitely a controversial blog in that I got a lot of response to it. Most of it was from you guys calling me a baby. Well, be that as it may, I had to get these issues off my chest, and it is better to blog about these things than to keep them bottled up inside and have them coming out later in an explosion bigger than Krakatoa. I said what I had to say and I don’t regret any part of it. My only excuse is that I’m a hot-blooded southern European, and for that matter, so is Mauro. Jack is too, and that’s been evident a few times when we (Ken) chatters during a particularly large all-in. Don’t get Uncle jack pissed, is all I can say. Thanks also goes out to for their support as well. Check them out, as Mark writes a very informative blog.

I was told that this blog presents an excellent synopsis of the state of the amateur game as its being played by groups of friends such as ours, all over the world. What is happening with us, is also happening to them. So how does one deal with the situation that is currently plaguing us? Some of you have suggested that we play a limit hold’em style. That would be one solution, BUT, as someone pointed out this Friday, it is also a donk game, and that’s not good, so limit is out. My concern is in trying to keep everyone happy within the group and within the current parameters of our cash game. The truth is, that there have been others grumbling besides myself. The mass consensus seems to be to just let the game continue as is, and we’ll see what happens down the road. Alright, fair enough, I’ll continue playing and I’ll try not to let my emotions get the better of me.

Speaking of emotions, I’d like to re-print an excellent comment that was made by Mauro in this week’s comments. I thought it merited front page status, instead of being buried in the comments section. Since he refuses to write a blog outright (a shame, because he’s an excellent writer), this will have to do. Here it is:

What if the TEN hits on the river?
(I think it was the TEN, correct me if I’m wrong I
was a little distracted, I thought Alex was going
to die as the cards were unfolding)

What if Carlos rivers a straight to bust Alex’s 3 Kings?
What alternate time line would we be in now.
Would there be a blog?
What would the blog be about?
Did the phone call Ken receive from Carlos distract him
from that moment where he was going to receive his big win
(aka The Blessing).
Would Alex forever be saying
You called with Ace High!!!
Would I even be writing this shit!
We’ll never know because it didn’t happen, I’m writing this shit, the Kings held.
An opportunistic moment just disintegrated
A glorious moment gone.
Carlos gets MADD at Alex,throws his chips in the middle
screaming he’s a force of nature.
Thats right mom your son is a force of nature.

His emotions got the better of him.
It’s possible that I’m to blame.
Somehow I’ve made it OK to get MADD AT someone.

I owe you donkeys an apology for getting MADD at someone
and a special, above and beyond apology to Carlos for
getting MADDD at him and riding his ass in front of everyone,
which must seem like forever at times. Maybe bringing to the
forefront memories of Bert.

Beef you play any style that fits you pal.

Mauro’s problem is not people’s playing style.
The explanation is simple if you’re looking
for one, I got mad at someone.

Me and god (mostly god) are to blame for my loses, no one else.

I too miss the way it was, once upon a time… I had hair… Lots of hair.

And one day Mauro, I will be posting a picture of that hair mass that once was. Anyway, great comment. This week’s game was just an example of what can happen when lady luck smiles on just one player. Yes, I consider myself a good player, but to walk all over everyone as I did last week was just pure luck. I picked the right seat, that’s all. In any case, it was the closest we’ve ever come to having only one winner on a particular night, and yes, I’m glad it was me, I definitely needed it.

And so another blog comes to a close. next week’s game will be at Bob’s House of Bobularity on Super Bowl Sunday. Joanne is gonna be serving up some goodies so be there on time for the start of the football game, and hopefully we can actually play some poker too. I’ll see you donkeys there. By the way, check out the 2 new links to your right under ‘blogroll’. If you wanna check out some of the past blogs when I was with Shawwebspace, check it out. There’s some damn fine bloggin’ in there.

SpiC out

Sireel’s Stats: POKER 2011

This week’s car babe goes out to all of you guys who said bad things about me on the last blog. Here, suck on these flags:


2010 in review

31 01 2011

The stats helper monkeys at mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall blog health:

Healthy blog!

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A Boeing 747-400 passenger jet can hold 416 passengers. This blog was viewed about 3,800 times in 2010. That’s about 9 full 747s.


In 2010, there were 18 new posts, not bad for the first year! There were 251 pictures uploaded, taking up a total of 40mb. That’s about 5 pictures per week.

The busiest day of the year was May 19th with 63 views. The most popular post that day was The Rant!.

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The Controversial and Final Blog from Me

22 01 2011

Well, well, well, here I am standing at a crossroads trying to figure out which way to turn while at the same time knowing that I’ve already made a final decision. What are our Friday night games about if not having fun? And if I’m not enjoying myself anymore, then why continue playing? For me, these games have become more about being stressed and frustrated than anything else. I will not pull any punches here and my main problems are Alex, and to a minor degree Mauro, although I believe the Mauro problem can also be explained by the Alex problem.

Now, think about this…, Alex, as well as most of us, believe that he (Alex) is a superior player to the rest of us neandrethals. What would happen if we all decided to play the kind of opportunistic, balls-out, aggressive style of poker that he plays? I’ll tell you what would happen, we would have a game that would grow completely out of control. Huge pots, huge stress, huge egos, huge arguments, huge wins and huge LOSSES. We would give birth to a monster that would eventually consume our friendships. So is that the next step for us if we want to compete with Alex, or do we just continue to let him dominate us as he has been doing? Neither choice seems very appetizing.

My point is that when I envisioned and set up this game, it was supposed to be a relaxing and fun way to spend an evening with family and friends. Poker was the tool that we used to accomplish this, NOT the be all end all. For me, the fun of it has gone out and it’s been replaced with resentment and frustration. Now here’s the problem for Alex. How does one slow down after traveling so fast for so long? How do you take a step back after you’ve already seen what’s up ahead? The answer is quite simply that you can’t, and if you do, it’s just not fun anymore. I continue to say that Alex is THE luckiest player at our table (just witness last night’s hand with Mauro, Alex’s trip 8’s to Mauro’s trip 2’s on the flop). Lucky in that when we seem to get a good hand and play aggressively, he (most of the time) will have a better hand, and so he gets paid off in a big way. Add to that two other things as well: skill, and the fact that we are all so frustrated by his overwhelming success that we end up making mental mistakes that he ends up pouncing on. For example the last hand of last year when I mucked my cards in frustration and then realizing that the river would have given me the win.

Anytime anyone gets such an overwhelming lead on his pursuers is extremely frustrating for the pursuers. Take golf for example. If the lead golfer is 15 strokes up on the field, his closest pursuers will take riskier and riskier shots in order to try and catch up. The end result is often a bigger lead for the lead golfer. And so it becomes an exercise in futility. Last year was bad enough with Alex lapping us several times in the amount of money won, and now today, I open up his stats page and see that he is up $280 in just 2 games played. ‘New record set!’ he states. Well, good for you Alex and I wish you all the best for the remainder of the year, it’s just too bad I won’t be there to see it.

The Mauro problem is a continuation of what has been happening for all of last year. Mauro always lets his emotions get the better of him when he loses a big hand and he does not know when to let go. He will continue giving you snide remarks HOURS after the offending hand was played. In November, Dave took a 4 week absence from the game because of Mauro. Apparently Mauro told Dave that the reason he (Mauro) was losing was because of Dave. It was only after I told Dave that Mauro had lost twice without him there, that he said to me “Ha, now he can’t blame me for those losses”. It was touch and go there for a while to bring Dave back into the fold again.

This having been said, I cannot wholly blame Mauro for this situation. For one thing I know that he has a stressful situation at home, and secondly, one cannot continue to have the kind of shitty luck that he has had without it affecting him at the table. I think he has also seen that this game has gotten out of hand and he also doesn’t feel comfortable with this type of aggressive play on Alex’s part. Of course that’s not to say that he is wholly blameless for his behaviour. We should all take a lesson from Ken who is, in my opinion, the most gracious loser at our table.

So don’t judge me too harshly for this decision that I’ve made. To me it comes down to two choices; continue playing with Alex and allow this game to wedge itself between me and my relationship to my son, or to quit playing against him and pursue a relationship with him that doesn’t involve poker. As with everything else in poker, Alex wins this hand by a landslide. My love for him is beyond measure and I will not let this game get between me and my son. The bottom line is this: this is not a personal attack on Alex, it is however an attack on his style of play. I don’t like it and from henceforth I will not play at a game where he is playing.

For you personally, Alex, I hope that you won’t think less of me for having made this decision. I do this fully knowing that I may be hurting you in the process, but please understand this, if nothing else; I am doing it because if I don’t, I fear that our relationship will suffer in the long term and I will NOT allow that to happen. Understand also that as in all my previous blogs, the things I have written are my own opinions and do not necessarily reflect what the others may think. It could well be that I am the only one who feels this way, but that may also be because of our unique (in the group) relationship. I am NOT asking you to stop playing poker with the group, nor do I want you to curtail the number of games that you play. I know how much you love this game and our weekly gatherings and I don’t want to take that away from you. I do want to continue to spend quality time with you…, just not at the poker table.

To be honest with all of you, my interest in this game has waned considerably and that has been reflected in my recent neglect of this blog as well. And so I will leave this blog up for  2 or 3 weeks and then I will close it permanently, unless anyone else is willing to take it on. In any case, let me know. I will continue coming to the odd game here and there, but don’t count on me for the planning of it etc. I will miss the way it was, once upon a time…

For the last time, Spic out.

Final stats 2010: Poker 2010 FINAL