Sireel is back!

10 11 2010

The blog is dead, Alex? It was in intensive care for a few weeks, but not dead. So why have I been so disillusioned with this game lately? I’ll tell you why. I’ve lost $350 since June. Correspond that with how much money Alex has made since that same time and you see why I dispair. The $100 loss at Kenny’s was the last straw, and to add insult to injury, I had to fucking sit there until the game finished because Dave was my ride home. It was not pretty my friends. Jack, et. al. might have thought that I was pissed at them, but no, I was pissed at this cursed bad luck that I’ve been suffering through.

I decided to take 3 weeks off in order to cool off a bit and hope that that might spur some changes for the better in my game. To be honest, I haven’t missed the game but I have missed you bums (notice I said ‘you’ not ‘your’). Mauro will be happy to know that he will be getting back the $25 that I owe him and maybe that will change his luck for the better too. And Lum, who’s god’s ass did you kiss last week to win $122? Let me know so I can pucker up too.

For those who have missed my version of the stats (like Unka Jak), I’ll stop being a baby and post that next week. Speaking of Jack, that link that Bob sent should have been seen by the Master B himself. Besides donkeying out on me, it should be his area of expertise. Speaking of Donks, Alex, what happened to your Donk of Week stats, did you give up on that? Afraid of what the evidence might point to at the end of the year? Bet you never foresaw that when you started that stat this year. Anyway, enough shit-disturbing for now.

As you all know, the game will be at Stoner Dave’s this friday, and yes, I will be there as will Ian the Anvil as well. See you all there and hey… good luck fellas.

SpiC out.