Maybe Hate is Too Strong a Word

28 09 2010

Alright. I’m still highly displeased with this game, but I think I’ve come to terms with my anger. What can you say about the nature of luck besides easy come, easy go. Yes skill does play a big part of it and that’s where you do get the consistent winners and losers (cough-Ken-Mauro-Dave-cough cough). The sad part of this year’s game so far is that what started off as a promising half-year start for me, Keith and Bob, has turned into a runaway train by the name of Alex. While I’m personally happy for his continued success, his lead is so insurmountable that It’s turned this year’s race into a foregone conclusion. Not much excitement here folks. Two years ago we had the Jack and myself race, and last year we had the Alex-Keith race, both of which went right to the last game of the year. Another sad thing is that no one can seem to solve this Alex riddle. I still say that he’s NOT that much better than we are. So it seems that all we can do is wait until his luck runs out and hope that it happens sooner rather than later.

So far, Jack is having another great run as he did 2 years ago, and fully living up to his “Master” moniker, but it must be somewhat disheartening for him to see that no matter how well he does, Mr. Beef is always ten steps ahead of him and increasing the distance. He’s got 4 more weeks to make a difference and after that it’s out of his hands.

It was nice to hear from a non-player friend of mine by the name of Karen. She’s an old and dear friend who lives in the east coast of the U.S. Anyway ladies, this friday’s game is at our recently sensitive Asian friend’s house. and let’s all try to be there at a reasonable time, like BEFORE 8:30, ok?

Spic out.

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I Hate Poker

12 09 2010

For blog content, see title.

Donk for last week was Alex. Game is at Dave’s again for this Friday. No stats yet, and quite frankly, I don’t give a rat’s ass anymore. By the way… (see title).

Spic (over and) out.

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The Angry Iberian

5 09 2010

I was considering writing this whole blog using just the words: This Game Sucks And It Can Kiss My Ass. But then I thought, hmmm, sounds a bit like sour grapes to me. What can I say, I was pissed when I left the game at Bob’s house. I had won only one big hand up to a certain point and thereafter waited patiently to get a good hand that never seemed to come. Finally I get a good hand and I go all in against Bob (my Q’s against his K’s), get a Q on the flop and then get my hopes dashed with a runner-runner Flush to Bob. Fuck, I say, oh well that’s the game. Then I wait patiently again for a hand, get dealt a frickin’ straight on the flop, go all in and lose to Alex with a flush again on the turn. I’m not angry against Bob, Alex, or anyone else, I’m fucking pissed at this game, cause when it goes against you, it dangles the carrot in front of your nose and then yanks it away with a flourish. Fuck you, Poker, fuck you.

Oh I know what you guys are saying, “what the hell’s he so mad about, I’ve had the same and worse happen to me”. But while you curse and swear when you’re on your own, driving home, I can do it publicly on this blog for the world to hear. Fuck you, Poker Gods, I hope you all fucking choke and die when you’re all up there laughing at me. And believe me, it’s no solace to know that you’re only winning or losing + or – $10 a week. When you lose $80 or a hundred bucks in one night, it’s no fun, especially if you’re contending for the lead and you just took a significant leap backwards. (mutter…mutter…fucking game…mutter…mutter).

So yeah, I briefly toyed with the idea of taking a couple of weeks off, so I could cool my heels, but then I thought that no, I wouldn’t give you motherfuckers the satisfaction. I’ll be back next week at Dave’s and I’ll be the one giving all of you fits! I have no idea what the updated stats are yet because Alex hasn’t given me Friday’s yet and you guys are at this moment donking each other out and his place. Too bad you don’t have me there to bend over for ya tonight, you homos. Anyway, enough bitterness and hostility for one blog, I say.

Re last Sunday’s game at Alex’s, if you can’t make the game let me or someone else know ahead of time. We only had 6 players that night and I could have called more people if I had known that.  So please let me know at least a day ahead of time. Donk of the week has been changed to Dave instead of Bob for last week’s game at Alex’s and this Friday’s and Sunday’s game donks will be determined by a new poll, so you can vote twice (once for each game). Stats will be posted as soon as I gettum.

SpiC out.

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