Lum’s Palace of Pain Cripples The Force

1 08 2010

The Palace of Pain finally lived up to its reputation and allowed its host to deal out some serious punishment. I don’t know if it was last week’s blog that fired up the Angry One, but boy did he put a hurtin’ on some of us, including yours truly, for probably $50 when all was said and done. The only thing that saved me was winning about $30 off of the others. The fact was that he needed to get a big win, especially at his own place where his record has been horribly dismal. The big loser was Keith, who lost $100 off of his total. The rest of the story is told in my stat file. Read it. On an interesting side note, I dealt up another 3 aces on the flop (same as 3 weeks ago at Ron’s), but this time there was no bad beat, and I still say that Alex made a very foolish move when he folded his pocket Jacks. That’s right Ian, Alex folded a boat, even though he was guaranteed the bad beat even if he had lost the hand. Speaking of the Anvil, the Ianic One was a no show, despite telling me the day before that he was definitely gonna make it. I guess the wife won again. Despite that, we still had a full table and were comfy and cozy playing on Ken’s sticky tablecloth. Honestly Lum, get rid of that thing, I’m tired of sliding the cards over to the dealer using my fingernails.

Here’s an interesting stat regarding this blog that may surprise some of you. I am getting, on average, about 16 views A DAY from you guys and various other curious viewers. How do I know this? When I log in, it shows me lots of interesting information about my blog, including what is being viewed on the blog webpage itself (pictures etc.). 16 views a day, and yet, little or no comments. So what gives you lazy assholes? You don’t have 5 minutes to write something? So anyway, I’m encouraged that I am getting lots of hits (views), but I would like to get more feedback.

While we’re on the subject, I’m going to make a small format change here. I am no longer going to structure this blog as a weekly thing because my computer time is always limited and I don’t always have Saturday or Sunday available to write this blog. I will write this blog when I have a chance to. It might be 4 days between blogs or it could be 2 weeks. This informal structure works much better for me, and since none of you lazy asses are volunteering to write a blog now and then, this blog will continue to be at my convenience.

Just a reminder for Ken’s party on Friday which will be at:

7 PM  August 6, 2010

Sun Sui Wah Restaurant

102, 4940 No. 3 Road, Richmond, BC

I don’t know if we will be including the stats from that night’s game at the casino or not, but we will see. New pictures next week, so look for them in the random pics page. Ciao for now.

Sireel’s Stats:  Poker2010




8 responses

5 08 2010

donk of the week should go to beef for his call with nothing and runner runner flush.

6 08 2010

Just so my Dad doesn’t commit suicide because there have been no comments, I will say this: Everyone have a great dinner/poker game & Happy 50th Kenny!

6 08 2010

Thank you Alex, you just averted a tragedy. I’ll put the pills away now.

6 08 2010

Bob lets go through this again. You raised in the cut off (my K8 suited isn’t too far off of your range in this spot) I called your flop bet to float one & to see how you react to my calling. The turn gave me the nut flush draw & you didn’t even bet me off, it was checked through. The river came & I made my flush.

You however were up against AK with your AQ & you hit a 3 outer on the river. That to me spells D-O-N-K-E-Y O-F T-H-E N-I-G-H-T !!!!!

8 08 2010

At least I had something PRE FLOP but you called a bet with an ace on board meaning even if you were to catch a king you were beat but a runner runner is a bigger donk. I would bet you if I bet big on the turn you still would have called and I would bet 1000 BUCKS you would have called and you know it .Also I raised pre-flop and you called so you had to put me on an ace after a continuation bet right so in my mind that is a donkey call when you are way behind.

7 08 2010
tartan donk

Many thanks to our gracious host for a most excellent dining experience and my sincere appreciation for allowing me to be a part of it.
Happy birthday Ken

11 08 2010

Ken thank you very much for your generous nature!! Oh & btw, happy birthday Mr. Lum. May your day be filled with many bj’s!! Bob, I understand what your saying, but you would continuation bet even if u had pocket 10’s in that spot heads up against one opponent. When I raise pre flop & an ace hits, will you automatically put me on the Ace? Even if you do, you can’t always give me credit for it. This time you were unlucky that I hit my flush. But that’s poker! Also, if you had went all in on the turn I would’ve folded because I’m not getting the odds I want to call. But any other bet & I most likely would’ve called. So you lost the minimum! But seriously, it blows when an opponent hits runner runner on you but given the situation I don’t think it was a bad play on my part.

12 08 2010

For those who may not know, game is at the House of Spic. Gettogether for Ron’s b-day at the Old Admiral Inn, Hastings & Gilmour at 7:30ish tonite.

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