My Brain Hurts!

26 08 2010

Thanks to Paul for the short-notice game that he set up at his place and the awesome salmon dinner (Ron too). Unfortunately for me, the salmon dinner was the highlight of the evening. I can’t remember the last time I had such a boring and shitty game of poker. I didn’t lose that much (only $20), but I got dealt so many crappy cards that at one point I went for 2 1/2 hours without winning a hand and folded practically everything. The worst part was that I didn’t even (hypothetically) win any of the hands that I folded. To make matters worse, Keith started going off on me about an all-in hand that I lost to Alex (who else). Keith, right or wrong, get off your high horse and consider that sometimes other people see things a little differently from you. Even if I did make an error in judgement, am I allowed to make an error without being shit on, especially after losing the hand to the one guy who is ahead of me in the standings? And to put a final cap on the evening, again, the one guy who I am desperately trying to hold off (in the points standings), Alex, has another miracle night and pulls off winners without even trying. I mean, he just fucking backs into some of these hands by accident. You know I’m not trying to take anything away from you Alex, you are a skilled player, but when you have skill AND incredible luck on your side, you are like an unstoppable train. You either get outta the way, or get your ass handed to you in the dining car. Every time you pull off one of these unlikely wins, I look around the table at the faces of the other players and all I see is disbelieving resignation. The longer it goes on, the quieter you get too. It’s almost like you yourself are embarrassed by this. Hey, it’s not your fault, and everyone knows this too, so don’t take it personally. Just be aware that this dance will end at some point, and when it does, Lady Luck will demand her fee, and payment will be extracted one way or another.

Which brings me to Lum. Does this guy think he’s actually good now? He was even talking about going positive for the first time this year and setting a new record for consecutive wins. Trust me Kenny, the planets are going through some sort of wierd alignments right now which explains your recent good fortune, but planets do move, and soon the state of your game will go back to what we are all comfortable with: you losing. But for me, they are not moving fast enough. Four weeks of straight losses and giving up the points lead for the first time since week 22 makes for a very angry hispanic guy. Um, are you thinking of going to Portugal this year Alex? Please don’t let me stop you and don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out. No, no, no, just kidding. I wanna win it legitimately, not by default.

And so ends another masterful blog. The game will be on Sunday afternoon at Alex’s House of Donk. Come to think of it, any house Alex plays in is his own house of donk. Ah, I can feel the fires of outrage burning in my son’s soul right now. “How dare he call me a donk” etc., etc. Oh hey, speaking of donks, we were having trouble figuring out who the donk of the night was, so, I’m setting up a new poll so you guys can vote on that same question. The results will be anonymous, but you only get one vote, so please do vote. What else, what else…, thank Paul: check, …Keith can be a dick sometimes but most of the time he’s awesome: check, …Alex will pay the piper one day, but I still love him: check, …Lum still sucks even though he thinks he’s the cat’s meow right now: check, …I’m an angry spic: check. Ok, bases covered. Check back soon for more titillating observations.

Spic out.

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Yoda’s blog

17 08 2010

Time for blog none. Hurry I must. Sucked the game did at Spic abode, because lost Spic did. House of Ron next game on Sunday will be at. Pictures that are new have been in Random Pics posted. See you must. With car stands human babe image forthcoming now. Again see you must. Alex donkey is for week that is now. May be with you, the force, and talking not of Keith.

Spic out.

Sireel’s stats: Poker2010

Lum’s Palace of Pain Cripples The Force

1 08 2010

The Palace of Pain finally lived up to its reputation and allowed its host to deal out some serious punishment. I don’t know if it was last week’s blog that fired up the Angry One, but boy did he put a hurtin’ on some of us, including yours truly, for probably $50 when all was said and done. The only thing that saved me was winning about $30 off of the others. The fact was that he needed to get a big win, especially at his own place where his record has been horribly dismal. The big loser was Keith, who lost $100 off of his total. The rest of the story is told in my stat file. Read it. On an interesting side note, I dealt up another 3 aces on the flop (same as 3 weeks ago at Ron’s), but this time there was no bad beat, and I still say that Alex made a very foolish move when he folded his pocket Jacks. That’s right Ian, Alex folded a boat, even though he was guaranteed the bad beat even if he had lost the hand. Speaking of the Anvil, the Ianic One was a no show, despite telling me the day before that he was definitely gonna make it. I guess the wife won again. Despite that, we still had a full table and were comfy and cozy playing on Ken’s sticky tablecloth. Honestly Lum, get rid of that thing, I’m tired of sliding the cards over to the dealer using my fingernails.

Here’s an interesting stat regarding this blog that may surprise some of you. I am getting, on average, about 16 views A DAY from you guys and various other curious viewers. How do I know this? When I log in, it shows me lots of interesting information about my blog, including what is being viewed on the blog webpage itself (pictures etc.). 16 views a day, and yet, little or no comments. So what gives you lazy assholes? You don’t have 5 minutes to write something? So anyway, I’m encouraged that I am getting lots of hits (views), but I would like to get more feedback.

While we’re on the subject, I’m going to make a small format change here. I am no longer going to structure this blog as a weekly thing because my computer time is always limited and I don’t always have Saturday or Sunday available to write this blog. I will write this blog when I have a chance to. It might be 4 days between blogs or it could be 2 weeks. This informal structure works much better for me, and since none of you lazy asses are volunteering to write a blog now and then, this blog will continue to be at my convenience.

Just a reminder for Ken’s party on Friday which will be at:

7 PM  August 6, 2010

Sun Sui Wah Restaurant

102, 4940 No. 3 Road, Richmond, BC

I don’t know if we will be including the stats from that night’s game at the casino or not, but we will see. New pictures next week, so look for them in the random pics page. Ciao for now.

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