Dustin Blows a Whopping $4.00

27 07 2010

We all knew that it would be a bad investment, but apparently Ronaldo the Space Donk didn’t. He gave Dustin $4.00 in chips and told him to try to win a few hands for him. Sad to say that 4 or 5 hands later the 4 bucks were gone and so was The Duj. Foolish Scotsman, next time you will know better. But, regardless of that, he did manage to pull off a big win of just under $100.00. This brings him down to ‘Not-so-bad’ territory in the money standings as the smallest loser. “Losers?” Ken asks. “I’m not a loser, you overstuffed, pasty-faced white mofo’s. As a matter of fact, the only losers out there are your mothers who had the unmitigated audacity to give birth to all-a-ya no-good in-bred hillbillies”, he gesticulates further. Kenny, Kenny, relax… don’t have a cow. We all know that you’re a loser in the nicest possible way, after all, you have been nice enough to finance Alex, mine and Keith’s games so far this year. If that’s not being nice, what is? “Alright, alright”, he goes on to say, “at least they don’t know that I’m secretly leading the life of a gay man, (oh shit, did I say that out loud?)”. Yes you did Ken, but you’re my buddy and I’ll always love ya, just not in THAT way, ok?

Aaaaaanyway….., 5 winners, 4 losers, and yours truly continues to finish in the positive, despite Ian’s curses on me. Yes, life is good! Memories of last year have all but been erased as I continue to dominate in all categories but the total cash, and that, my friends will soon come my way as well. Suck on that, ladies! AHHHHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahahahahahahahaha ha ha  ha   ha    ha     ha      ha          huh          huh…… um….. ahem…… (cough cough),      uh, never mind.

So, as I read this blog back, it seems to be about absolute sweet fuck all. “Where’s the beef?”, you all ask. Uh, he’s at home, I think. “No no, the other beef, you know, the meat and potatoes. All we’ve had was some stoopid French Fromage Aperitif bullshit! Where’s our goddam blog meals!?” You want meat and potatoes?!!!!! Well here ya go!!!!! I hope you all choke on it!!!!!!!

And so ends this nonsense blog. The donk o’ the week was Master Jack with his friggin’ hunches that hit. The coming game will be held at PapaLum’s House of Dorkyness. Oh ya, where the hell are your pics that I requested, oh, I don’t know, weeks ago?! Anyway, see y’all this Friday and enjoy this week’s yummy car babe. She can pump my pistons any day, OH YA BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By the way, Alex posted this link in the last blog and you might have missed it, so here it is again:


SpiC out

Sireel’s Stats: Poker2010




4 responses

28 07 2010
tartan donk

As a matter of fact the $4.00 I shot Dustin was a gift because I like having him at the table. It was not intended to “win a few hands for me”.’ Generous Scotsman’ may be an oxymoron it is however, in this case, true. And yes it is nice when the cards start to come for you. Should this continue, my position will be elevated to its rightful spot. Kenny, I can make your party but Suzie has a bridal shower (or some other such hen party) on that night.

28 07 2010

We will be there Ken so count us in and also for the liverrock.I guess the game that night will be at Ken’s as well since he is the closest to the party.I can’t make this friday’s game cause I will be going to Kelowna early Saturday so bring an extra donkey to the game.

30 07 2010
the angry

mr fat man, your iq has always been questioned. your memory is worse. your uppity attitude will no doubt boomerang you into another massive depression when your ass will be kicked into another sinkhole. you are the size of a small elephant but at least they remember!

31 07 2010

Wow You’re right Ken, that was mean. I Hope u feel Bad now

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