Bombastic Blowup at Bob’s

19 07 2010

Unable to contain itself any longer, the Volcano finally erupted Friday night at Cinderella Bob’s establishment.  Yes, the cards and chips went a-flyin’ as Mount Norberto spewed its hot ashes all over our heads. Luckily it was towards the end of the night and as such did not cause too much destruction. There is a YouTube video out there called “Phil Helmuth needs to calm the fuck down”, and I find it a rather apt title for how we feel about the Italian One’s table manners. Nobody at the table asked me to say anything here in this blog, but I could see it in several faces. For the most part, we’ve all suffered from what seems to be his personal wrath as he feels that he’s the only one that gets donked out on. Well big guy, you’re not. And while we all complain about it, we do NOT verbally attack other players and we do NOT throw our chips and cards around. So my question to you is, why? You are either really quiet, or you’re muttering about the latest player who had the misfortune of winning a hand against you. None of us like to lose, but you don’t see this kind of behaviour from anyone else. I’ll give you two examples from last Friday’s game: Ron is in a hand with Alex. Ron bets big and and Alex comes over the top with a huge raise. Ron is frustrated as hell from past losses against Alex and folds in disgust. You can see the anger and frustration in his face, and although that’s how he feels at the time, he does not insult or abuse Alex. Five minutes later, he’s got a smile on his face again and continues playing cheerfully. Keith loses $90 and leaves the table like a gentleman, with grace, dignity and a smile on his face. But wait, Keith has been winning this year. So how about the other guys who are negative this year. Have you ever seen any negative behaviour towards any other player from Ken, Ron or Dave? No, nor will you.

Now, before you get all bent out of shape, let me say this about you; you are one of the most generous, multi-talented, intelligent, and sweetest guys I’ve ever known, and God knows I love you like a brother. Our friendship is written in stone, and that’s never gonna change. Because of all these things, I feel that I am the only one who can say this stuff to you and not have you get offended. The reason I’m using this public forum is because your poker table behaviour has been affecting ALL of us. So what the fuck gives? We play poker to have fun, and if you’re not having fun, why continue playing? Speaking for myself, I would absolutely HATE to see you go, but please don’t stick around because you feel you have to. I know the other guys admire you too, as you’ve probably helped each and every one of them before, by giving your time and expertise. So why don’t you just take a few weeks off from playing and come back when you feel that you’re missing us or the game? Anyway, I just wanted you to know how we’ve all been feeling, and I pray that you don’t take this in any other way than to know that we miss the old Mauro.

Alright, ’nuff said on that subject. If you have noticed (and how could you not), the two Fernandes’ are on top both in money earned and in points for the 1st time this year and I, for one, hope the trend continues. Go SpiC ‘n’ BeeF!!!!!! Ummmm, Ian? You are allowed to lose too you know? Just a friendly reminder. Zee game vill be helt at my mutter’s haus on zees Friday at zee usuval time. Alex gets this week’s dubious honour as Donk o’ the week. See you all at Alda’s house, and if you wanna come by earlier for the birthday BBQ, you’re all more than welcome to.

SpiC out.

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19 07 2010

One more thing, Mauro. You’ve helped me more times than I can remember. You weren’t like this before (lashing out at others, etc.), so if you’re having any kind of problems, let’s go out for a coffee and talk to me. I may not be able to help but at least I can listen, and that’s a form of help. Maybe it’s my turn to help you, for a change.

19 07 2010

I would like to comment on something that has absolutely nothing to do with this blog topic what so ever. Sorry Mauro, nothing against you but this has been bugging me the past couple weeks. I feel that as soon I say this, this blog will be littered with comments!

I’ve been looking at the stats lately & noticed something that bothered me. We decided to have a cash weekly avg winner & a points winner. The thing that bothers me is this. If Jack were to play 20 games this year & if he happened to place 1st every single game, he would only have 200 points & most likely still not win the points outright. Dad has a 4.45 PPG average & if he is to play 50 games in the year (which he is on pace for) he will finish with over 200 points therefore eliminating Jack as points winner.

In my opinion, the names on the trophy should be the out right cash winner along with weekly points winner. Or have the weekly cash winner AVG & weekly points winner AVG. That way anyone can win. (even the guys who play 20 – 30 games or less per year)

I think the reason why we decided to do the points system in the first place was so the full time players can win that category & the part time players can win the Cash AVG. But why not have it so anyone can win either one?

Maybe we could start discussing this in the future so we can decide for next year if we want to change anything or keep it the way it is. Now let’s hear your thoughts people.

19 07 2010

It doesn’t matter to me cause I play for the fun of it and the boys night out thing.Winning is nice and getting donked sucks but it happens to all of us but you can’t get to serious about it or friendships can get ruined and I don’t think that’s worth any amount of money.So we will see all you donkeys on friday and bring lots of chips and cards because they might take flight by me this time if I get donked. cheers amigos and amigas

19 07 2010

Alex, why do you have to be such a shit disturber. We’re not going to change something in the middle of the year that the majority agreed on at the beginning. If you have a problem with the stats, then you bring it up at the end of the year, not now. Anyway, why fuck with what’s working? I have the highest win % and you have the 2nd highest and that’s represented in the points with me in 1st and you in 2nd. Ian has kicked ass in the fewest number of games and fully deserves his 1st place in that category, so why fuck with what’s working?

19 07 2010

Hooray!!!!!!! A fellow Surreyite has made the final table at the wsop. Not only that, he is a peronal friend of the newfie Paul. He phoned me today and could hardly contain his excitement. Apparently the guy does not play live poker at all and spends hours a day online at the multi table tourneys. Go figure. No poker till friday night for me. Entrance exams in math this week so its study study study, like a good wee lad. Wish me luck. And speaking of luck, a word to the Poker Gods…throw some Mauros way fer cryin out loud. He deserves it
(O+v+e+r) + (o+u+t)= C [ya]

19 07 2010
beef inspired mumbo jumbo

I brought it up now so that by the end of the year it will be settled.

20 07 2010

Chinaman, where are you? Haven’t heard from you in a while.

21 07 2010

Wow Ron thats fuckin awesome! Whats the guys name?

23 07 2010

mr fat fuck, i have better things to do.

26 07 2010

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