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14 07 2010

Seeing as it is Wednesday already, this will be a very short blog. I guess the big news this week was that the bad-beat was paid off. My quad Aces against Dave’s full house gave Dave the bad-beat fund of $128, but more importantly for me, a big pot of $60+ and a quarter of the bad-beat money ($46).  I guess it was justified seeing as I had come the closest to winning it when Alex beat my 3 Aces with a Royal Flush a few weeks ago. Not much more to say except that it was a glorious afternoon at Ron’s house and to thank him once again for feeding us layabouts. The next game will be at Bob’s on Friday at the usual time. Later boys.

SpiC Out

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15 07 2010

My cold run is turning into a marathon. Every time i get in ahead the death card seems to come along to bitchslap me. Every time I fold a potential winner along comes the card i didnt want to see to kick me in the nuts. ARRRGGGHHH its got to change soon(or does it). Oh well. The only good thing about Sunday was that Mauro stayed behind for over two hours and helped me fix my computer. The man is a fricken genius. Molti ringraziamenti il mio amico. See y’all Friday
BTW are you going to karaoke tonight Carlos. We need to get you on youtube. A voice like that needs to be shared with the world

15 07 2010

Oh yeah, thanks for putting the pressure on me! Shared with the world? Hmmm, I don’t know about that. But ya, fer shure I’ll b there. C u tonight.

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