Feeding Frenzy at Lobster Bob’s

6 06 2010

It looks like the leaders continue to lead and the, ahem, losers continue to um, not lead. I hereby give all you negative balance guys permission to take a run at the leaders, excepting me, of course. I took a beating last year and deserve to have a good year this time around. But as far as guys like Alex, Keith and Bob are concerned, please do us all a favour (me especially) and take them down a few notches. They had their moments in the sun last year, so let’s give them a little shade, shall we? Ken, Mauro, Dave and Ron… are you listening?

Speaking of Keith, what the fuck is up with his stats? Have you guys noticed too, or is it just me? He’s got one of the crappiest winning percentages out of all of us, and yet he’s in 2nd place behind Alex in money won. The only way I can explain it is that when he wins, he wins BIG! Of course that’s not helped by guys like Paul, who usually go all-in just before he’s about to leave (with a mediocre hand), and gift-wrap $35-$40 right onto Keith’s lap. I’ll try to remember that the next time The Newf decides to take off (awright, I’m all-in too, O Generous One). OK Keith, you’ve made the best of a crappy year so far, but how long can you keep up this charade?  It just goes to reinforce my strong belief that the money won is NOT the best indicator as to who is playing the best poker. THAT’S where the points system comes in and THAT’s where I’m Numero Uno baby! Until further notice anyway (he says meekly).

It was another memorable night of poker, I must say. Three records were tied with 11 players participating, $520 in total buy-ins, and Mauro’s buy-in total of $120. The most interesting player to watch, by far, was Ronny, who, aided by his confidence at the casino, was playing practically every hand and winning and losing big. He was the early leader but the cards betrayed him as the night wore on, and he ended up taking a minor beating. Another surprise was that our genial host did NOT win at his own house. OK, he didn’t lose either, as he ended up even for the night, but the fact that he didn’t win was a (nice) surprise. I’m creeping closer to you bud. Another surprise was The Lumster showing up a couple of hours into the game, after he’d said that he was going to skip this one due to his disasterous slide into number 1 bottom-feeder. He says that he had some business in Surrey…, yah, right Ken, we all believe ya. You just couldn’t stay away could you? It was a valiant attempt but unfortunately your slide into poker hell continues unabaited. Make that $250 in 4 weeks. Ouch!!!

I touched on the fact that Mauro bought-in for $120. We could have had another titanic eruption from our volcanic Italian, but he did manage to make a pretty decent comeback to end the night only $55 down, so disaster was averted. To be fair, he’d had a pretty shitty night of the dreaded second-best-itis syndrome. Speaking of come-backs, Jeff had the best one; from $80 down to +$13 when all was said and done. It was good to see him have a good night, as he’s suffered some pretty bad losses at our table. By Alex’s standards, he had a pretty mediocre night, only winning $12. Jack had another much needed win to finally put his numbers into the black, and Dave continued to be Dave, with a $40 loss and an unprecedented nod as Donkey of the Week for a third straight week. Looks like I will have to figure out a way to put those blood-shot eyes on the donkey picture. And last but not least, your favourite wordsmith ended up with another check-mark in the W column. Just another day at the office, I say.

I came up with a new interesting stat. I was curious about Dave’s big win a couple of weeks ago and how it stacked up to other big wins. I’m now including a ‘Percentage of the Pot’ stat in my stats file. It turns out that Dave’s $155.00 win was only good for 5th place this year with a 29.81 %age won out of the total pot. Alex leads with 34.33% back in week 7, Bob with 32.87% in week 2, Ian with 32.78% in week 20, and Keith with 31.93% in week 7. The worst loss? That was Ron with 31.59% in week 9.

Speaking of Ron, it has been determined that next week’s game will be on Sunday (3 PM) at Mr. Space Donkey’s Asteroid in the Sur-Haggis Star System, where he will be serving up a delicious BBQ, so bring your appetites. Don’t forget to vote in my awesome poll (c’mon guys, it took a long time to track down the best pics for each one). Also a reminder to you guys to e-mail me your teenage pics so I can post-em. That all for me now, and may the Donk Force be with you all.

SpiC out.

Sireel’s Stats: Poker2010




6 responses

7 06 2010
mr angryangry

i have access to 4 yankee/mariner tickets july 10 saturday 7:10pm. 32.50 each, anyone 3 here with valid passports want to go?

8 06 2010

Im down.

9 06 2010

This is not a baseball blog.Baseball is gay .Bring your donkey game to to the home of the donkey.There is no crying in poker.

9 06 2010

Dad I have played 19 games not 18 so my weekly avg is 20.96 not 22.13

9 06 2010

Noted. Gracias.

10 06 2010

Karaoke tonite at 8 at the north burnaby inn. So far, me Ron, ken & Keith. Anyone else coming?

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