Mister Lum’s Meltdown

1 06 2010

Oh things do look grim for the Lumster. So bad in fact, that he’s talking about skipping the next game. The truly sad and pathetic part of it was that when he arrived at my place, he was going off about how this was going to be his night, and that everybody was going to pay, etc., etc.. I am tempted to say “oh how the mighty have fallen”, but he was never mighty anyway, Bwahahahahahaha! Plus, I’m saving that one for Alex. So what is that now…. hm…., let’s see…., oh yeah, down $210 in 3 weeks. Bwahahahahahahaha!

All fun aside, I must admit that even I am cringing at the beats that he’s been handed. Lately anyway, he’s been getting rivered left and right. Not that that has been his only problem. Kenny has a tendency to go all the way in a hand even though he feels that he’s gonna be beat. Read that Brunson book that you just bought, Ken. In it, he says “forget about what you’ve put in the pot already, if you feel that you’re beat, keep those $10 that you were gonna throw in and use it on a hand that you DO feel strongly about”. Don’t worry Ken, eventually things will turn around and you will be back to your mediocre poker skills, breaking even again.

On to another topic…, this blog. I was rather disappointed by the little few comments that were posted. My guage for how many of you are reading this blog is the number of comments that are posted. If I only see 3 comments it tells me that I’ve just wasted a couple of hours of my life on something that only 2 or 3 of you care about. And yet, if I don’t post a blog, you guys are always going “hey, where’s this week’s blog?”. I’m not asking for praise or anything, but if you post a comment on any subject, at least it tells me that you’re reading.

Alex wants to know how the game went. It was freakin’ awesome as usual! I can sum it up this way: Some of us kicked ass and others were on the receiving end of the ass kicking. Ok, ok, it was more complicated than that but since I’m feeling a little uninspired, I’m gonna leave it at that. Show up next time Mr. Beef and you can see how the game went.

My time is limited so I’m gonna finish up. Donk of the Week was the Weedman again, so I’m not gonna bother changing the title on the Donkey picture. Next week’s game is at Bobby Lobster’s place, and since we won’t be having Ian there, how about inviting Mr. Sub-Par, Jeff G. Maybe next week I’ll feel a little more inspired, but for now ciao ciao. Here’s your car babe of the week:

SpiC out!!

Stats: Poker2010

PS. E-mail me those pictures of yourselves when you were teenagers, the wierder the better.




9 responses

2 06 2010

How about a pre- game tourny before the game.Do we have any takers?Where’s all the talk?YOU ALL SUCK.Kenny have some balls and get rid of the skirt as Keith would say.I will ask big brother to come and his buddy Jim wants to come out ,he’s been out before but only if we need bodies.Who can’t make it?

2 06 2010

Insane poker hand!!

Okay so I’m playing online at a .25 – .50 table. I had already played 130 hands at this point in about 1 1/2 hours or so. I had $44.95 in front of me before the hand started & I had already re bought for a second time.

I’m on the button & three players limp in (they had just sat down at the table & posted the big blind) so I raise to $4.40 total with AKc. The SB & BB call as well as one limper. The flop comes up Kh 9s 6s. The SB bets $7.50 into $18.60 & the BB calls. I then raise to $15 total & the SB calls all in & the BB calls. Then the turn comes a 2s. The BB checks & I thought for a bit & decided he didn’t have a flush so I shoved all in for $29.50 & the BB calls. The SB shows K 10 & the BB shows A 9 with the A of spades. The river came a 4c & I won pretty big pot of $118!!

2 06 2010

Was that real money?

2 06 2010

Well; a comment on lumeltdown. Sad to see a capable player who is feeling so hopeless that he is virtually resigned to lose on every hand he is in. wearing an expression of defeat, devoid of any confidence it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. When you feel like you are bound to lose you usually do. I know this from experience. Keep your chin up lummy. You are better than that and the cards will turn around for you.. I have ridden out some cold streaks with patience and a strong belief in my abilities and a conviction that sooner or later the cards will turn my way. I was in a tourney on Sunday and had just lost a huge stack to a ridiculous suckout that all but eliminated me but I hung in there. It was the final table and I could see everyones mouth watering waiting for me to shove with anything and be sent walkin. But I hung in there and folded a few descent hands waiting for mother pokers gift. It came in the form of two queens and i quadrupled up. from there I forged ahead and ended up with top prize($960). It was confidence and a positive outlook that took me there. When you are in that mindset you just play better.
It is your attitude that needs tweaking and and as spicarlos pointed out “forget about what you’ve put in the pot already, if you feel that you’re beat, keep those $10 that you were gonna throw in and use it on a hand that you DO feel strongly about”. over and ooouuuuuuuuuut
btw I would be up to a tourney friday and if there are any seats open our long-winded newfie buy(npi) would like to play. sees yall froiday

2 06 2010

BTW luv the dave weed picture too bad you couldnt throw some red in the eyes

3 06 2010

I tried but the picture is uploaded from some website so I can’t change it.

3 06 2010

Bring the newf for ken’s spot,as he needs to re-group.I thiink he is seeing Dr. Phil.

3 06 2010

I wouldn’t be posting it if it wasn’t real money.

3 06 2010

Then very well done O Beefy By-Product!

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